Indicators to measure democratic quality of processes

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From different areas, work is being done to generate indicators to measure the quality of participatory processes. In some cases they tend to be mostly quantitative, especially in digital tools; where data extraction is easier. Now, processes tend more and more to hybridization. Not only because they move in a digital / analogical scope, but because processes are mixed, a  participatory deliberation process can culminate or not, in a subsequent vote, and the results are advisory but also binding. Typologies are multiple and, nowadays, we do not have a joint framework of quality elements for the categorization of processes, and their analysis and subsequent evaluation.

The project aims to generate a democratic quality framework and an approximation to indicators of that quality.Image removed.                                                                                  (Image from the Guide for evaluation of programs and social projects. Platform for NGO social action)

Starting from documentation and work already advanced on criteria of democratic quality in participatory processes, we will define criteria and design an evaluation matrix that has the capacity to accept the aspects considered key. The qualitative aspects of the processes and decision making will be captured through adaptable and flexible methodologies, which must be wide to evaluate all the typologies of current processes with their different tools and methodologies. We will look for strategies for the different levels of evaluative depth (from the general process to the concrete methodologies).

The model will use a matrix to evaluate all so-called participatory processes with the following objectives:

  • The feedback and improvement of the projects or executed actions, based on objective quality criteria.
  • Have diagnoses that allows to use past experiences for planning  future activities (enlightenment). This may allow the consolidation of participatory processes; and also help us to define a line of separation between participatory processes with democratic quality and those that make up a "front" participation. The ultimate goal is to enable the road map towards a greater democratic quality.
  • Accountability to citizens, public opinion and all those involved in social action processes.

Desirable collaborators profiles

  • Sociologists, philosophers, thinkers.
  • Data analysts.
  • Experts in citizen participation.
  • Experts in current digital tools for citizen participation.
  • Experts in evaluation systems, indicators, ISO, etc.
  • Optional: Graphic designer. Ideal: Information designer
  • Optional: Experts in UX


6 colaborators






Project status
Joint valuation


Hoy, arrancamos con la revisión del trabajo desarrollado el día anterior con el objetivo de organizar la dinámica de trabajo de la jornada. Visualizamos lo que se hizo, se esta haciendo y se va hacer.


Today, we start with the review of the work developed the previous day with the aim of organizing the work dynamics of the day.  We visualized what had been done and what is going to be done.


Luego agrupamos la lluvia de ideas para identificar posibles grupos con los indicadores.


Then we group the brainstorming to identify possible groups in which to divide the indicators.

Grupos indicadores

Después, cada integrante desarrollo una propuestas de matriz para medir los indicadores. Se socializó los resultados organizando el equipo por parejas, para recibir retroalimentación.


Afterwards, each member developed a matrix proposal to measure the indicators. The results were socialized by organizing the team in pairs, to receive feedback.


Finalmente se socializó cada propuesta a todo el equipo y  se voto por las propuestas de matriz que no se querían ser elegidas como propuesta base para la creación colectiva de la matriz.


Finally, each proposal was socialized to the entire team and voting for matrix proposals that did not want to be chosen as a base proposal for the collective creation of the matrix.



Documentation processNuestro siguiente paso está siendo recopilar documentación relevante para la definición de la matriz. 

Our next step has been to gather relevant documents to help us in the definition of the matrix. 

Contributions from other participants

During lunch time, we asked the other projects' participants to contribute with ideas about possible indicators. 

Durante la hora de la comida pedimos a los participantes de los otros proyectos que contribuyeran con ideas sobre posibles indicadores.


Esta mañana nuestro equipo ha estado trabajando haciendo una lluvia de ideas sobre cuáles son los aspectos claves de la participación ciudadana. 

This morning our team has been doing a brainstroming about what are the key aspects of participation. 

The team is working!

Our team working

Nuestro equipo trabajando