Guateque In-Capaz

Guateque In-Capaz


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Project description:

Guateque In-capaz is a multi-sensory activity with a ludic and inclusive character which aims to transcend the limits of the word “dissability”, putting aside the taboos that surroud the so called “special needs”. 


Through a process of experimentation and collaborative learning, the participants in the workshop will be able to open their minds to the fact that there is not just one way of doing things but many and very diverse. This way we aim to raise awareness about how different skills condition the way we inhabit the city, breaking the barriers set by inaccessibility and lack of adaptive solutions and building, all in all, a more inclusive, empathic and safe environment for every citizen. 

Our profile

Elisa Cuesta, 24, creative, curious and very active. Passionate by art, I search for solutions to everyday problems through the tools of design. Double degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Design and Fine Arts at Universidad Nebrija, Madrid. Since 2016 I combine my career as freelance designer with the realization of independent artistic projects involving the fields of product design, graphic and editorial design and cultural mediation. 

Natasha Trujillo, 24. Born in Venezuela, raised among two worlds. Currently living in Madrid, where I took the studies of Graphic Design, with special interest in universal design, AV and editorial design. 10% vision, 100% attitude. Pianist, film addict, photographer and boxer in my free time. Always searching to learn new things and to change the world. Superhero fan and music lover. 


  • Graphic design and art direction
  • AV and motion graphics
  • Product Design (accessible solutions, interfaces)
  • 3D modelling and printing
  • Prototyping techniques 
  • Basic Knowledge of Processing, HTML y CSS

Collaborators profiles:

  • People with functional diversity, whatever the kind, willing to share their experiences and their way of dealing with everyday issues.
  • People with knowledge in psychology and/or pedagogy and experience working with people with special needs. 
  • People with knowledge about accessibility and adaptation of spaces (Architecture, interior design and product design)
  • All kind of creatives willing to experiment and transcend barriers. Knowledge of product prototyping, AV and sound will be appreciated. 
  • Collaborators with knowledge of coding, electronics and sensors.
  • Any other profile will be welcome too: the main objective of this project is to reach the biggest amount of perspectives!
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Project status
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