ephemeral angels

ephemeral angels

This proposal aims to project interactive images onto a dust cloud.
... mimicking birds, humans become angels ...



When a visitor enters the area covered by a kinect sensor, the wings follow the movement of his arms in real time. His own winged image is projected in the dust cloud. The sound is a generative composition.
Our intention for Interactivos16 is to make a device for produce the dust cloud and to develop the code for the interactive interface with kinect, which will generate images and sounds, and also will control the maker-cloud device, to finally present all the work as an audio visual installation.


call for collaborators

To achieve the proposed goals we need support from collaborators with skills or experience in a wide range of possible fields. For example:
mechanical engineering, informatic, computer programming, kinect, musical composition, digital graphics and simulations, architecture, mathematics, physics ... And all restless spirit who has ideas to contribute and the desire to collaborate in the project is very welcome.


our profile

Mariana Carranza
Video+Digital-Art . Interactive Design . Installations . Performances.
Artist with multidisciplinary background, studied of architecture at University of Montevideo, completed her artistic education in Latin America, USA, Spain and Germany. Working with technologies, video production, digital media and creative programming since 1988
Individual and collective exhibitions in America, Europe and Asia, as well as lectures and workshops at Universities and Art-Schools. Received international recognition and awards for her activities.
Florian Wolf
Senior student of mechanical and process engineering at Technical University Darmstadt. Work experience with PTW Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools. DAAD scholar for an academic year in Brasil, where he also worked with Odebrecht Constructions SA.


Katarina Martin

Ewan Henry

Brezo Alcoceba

Beatriz Page

Aaron Schmidt

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