Free recipes allow knowledge to be replicated, account for the results of the process and guarantee recognition due to those who have contributed to its production. The process map makes visible the nooks and crannies of the learning process and identifies the traces/remains that materialize the tacit, collaborative, conflictive and affective dimensions present in all the learning. Based on web standards and adapted to the version and collaboration management model of GIT, docART allows us to account for two functions required for any documentation process: document to share and document to evaluate.



Documenting is not recording facts but showing processes. It is not a trade, but an attitude towards life: a mentality rather than a technique. The processes of collective construction and collaborative prototyping are invisible or disappear after the presence of the deliverable because those processes escape conventional documentation tools. The EduCaaS team, in collaboration with Antonio Lafuente, is designing a digital tool that makes these processes visible and also models them so that they can be replicated, modified and evaluated. This tool is a fundamental piece in citizen laboratories, understood as listening devices and open spaces of collective creation fundamental for the democratic renewal of our society.


  • Prototyping of the existing technological solution in the work groups of the workshop, as a process documentation tool.     
  • Development of interoperability with the GIT documentation flow standard and compatibility of documents generated with the Github / Gitlab API     
  • Integration of the "free recipes" documentation tool and the "process map"


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