Conveniencely Yours

Conveniencely Yours

Conveniencely Yours (CY) is a project exploring creative experiments on the use of consumer products that is accessible in the convenience store, grocery store, variety store, or any other local store including second hand markets. The project invites collaborators to analyse and investigate local consumer products then experiments to find other functionality and uses of those products. The projects also invite the collaborator to document their findings for further investigation with experts and also create a tutorial for knowledge sharing. This project embrace the spirit of Jugaad in India, Gambiarra in Brazil and Oprek in Indonesia to work inovatively with the working conditions of the local environment.

This project is started in ‘Interactivos?’16:  Possible Worlds, this project will research on the use products that could be useful for citizen/amateur labs, artistic/creative production and, amateur biological experimentation. A dedicated blog will be created to document and share the process, tutorials and findings of the research. The project will be also guided by specialists to ensure the safety of the experiments. 

Conveniencely Yours would like to bring the role of citizens as activists by directly involve the participants in the investigations. The project is also would like to brought citizen tactics which creatively using accessible technologies for their daily life needs. The project will take the form of consumerism activism at the present time where the citizen themselves act as their own agent for the protection of the consumers. 

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