Community Garment Production with Valentina

Community Garment Production with Valentina

When our clothing doesn't fit our bodies we are bothered and upset. But how do we feel when our clothing doesn't fit our values? Are our clothes made locally and ethically? Are they made by children or wage-slaves? Are the textiles bio-degradable, or can they be recycled? 

Fashion Designers, Photographers, Journalists, and anyone with interest in a better fashion industry are welcome. We will design patterns, visit Madrid fashion resources, and analyze the issues facing the fashion industry and how specifically we can produce change. Bring your laptop to install and learn to use Valentina open source pattern design software - it can be used for more than just designing clothing! All interested persons are welcome to collaborate and learn.
We will be taking several field trips to offsite locations, such as to Empresas de Vivas (a b
usiness incubator), and to the independent fashion districts.

This workshop begins on December 2 and ends December 16. Click the Join button, and apply to become a Collaborator at Interactivos?'15. Everyone is welcome.

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