Beyond Empirical Re-Aesthetics

Chip fosil

«This is the collection of the temperature festival, a party that never "occurred", because it was not legal. Maybe there was a botellón, but outside the Matadero Madrid. In any case it is a story of frustration but also of learning. The objective was never the party itself, which was only an excuse for other purposes, such as getting the participants drunk so that they would be more suggestible... There are as well "projects" that do not represent artistic projects or artworks, but other kind of failures. Here there are NFTS, AI, politics, party, vodka, eggs, chicks, bulls, straw, meat (site-specific as it was born in the Madrid slaughterhouse), skeletons, cemetery, salt, menthol wafers, pottages, beds, rooms, candles, frogs, icebergs, ice, butter, mafia and contraband, tunnels, gas pipelines, articles of incorporation, noterrorism, books, Amazon, Amazon, and emotions and confessions/gossip. It has a little bit of everything, but nothing illegal (I believe). No animals were killed either in Matadero Madrid. Not even trees: most of these are projects that didn't even generate paper fossils.

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