Application to reduce the ecological footprint of your shopping basket

Aplicación para reducir la huella ecológica de tu cesta de la compra

Aims of the Project

Improve the social knowledge about the ecological impact of the food we buy by developing an app.


Food consumption is a good target in order to reduce the ecological impact of our lives, but neither the labeling nor the complex information necessary to take good decisions helps its implementation. Therefore, we want to develop an app that, in a simple way (through a series of variables and a color code), can assess the environmental footprint of the food purchased by the user. Thereby, citizens can take on the problem of global warming directly and try to change their relationship with the planet to a more fair and sustainable one.

Our profile

We are Inés, Iván and María, three biologists from Autónoma de Madrid University and we are committed to spread our ecological knowledge in order to build a more sustainable society.

Collaborators profile

People that know how to create app’s such as IT, programmers, etc.

Designers that could work in the app and logo design.  

People with interests in the environmental issue, sustainability and willing to raise conscience on these subjects.

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Project status
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