Experimenta Distrito

Uno de los equipos de trabajo de Moratalaz Experimenta

xperimenta District opens citizen laboratories in the districts of Madrid. Places of meeting and learning where and neighbors can present projects designed for the neighborhoods or participate in its development. 

After the pilot experience of Villaverde Experimenta in 2016, and a first phase in the spring of 2017 in the districts of Fuencarral, Moratalaz and Retiro, the laboratories of Fuencarral Experimenta and Moratalaz Experimenta restart their activity in November to provide support to the projects developed during the production workshops and to design a program in complicity with neighborhood agents and artistic collectives of the city.

All the projects and activities developed in these citizen laboratories are documented with free licenses (Creative Commons) so that they can be replicated and improved in other neighborhoods and cities.

This program is an initiative of Medialab Prado,, in collaboration with the District Board of Fuencarral - El Pardo and Moratalaz, the Government Area of Citizen Participation, Transparency and Open Government and the Government Area of Territorial Coordination, Public-Social Cooperation of the Cityhall of Madrid.