Open call for HelloWorld!: Contemporary stage creation and new technologies

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Coordinated by: David Rodríguez

Workshop teachers: David Rodríguez, Jorge Cano y Óscar Villegas

Guests: Zachary Lieberman (October 15-18) and Antúnez (December 10-13)

The workshop aims to produce a series of small format shows based on the application of experimental, creative work with digital technologies in field of contemporary performance.

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  * Call deadline: September 6

  * Publication of selected projects: Septemeber 14

  * Call for collaborators: September 17 - October 14 [+info]

  * First presentation of selected proposals: October 15

  * Workshop: October (15-18) and December (10-13) [see complete schedule]


What is HelloWorld!

The project is to be carried out within the local context of Madrid and aims to serve as a catalyst for dialogue between experimental, creative work with digital technologies and the field of stage arts. The creation of a platform for the production of small format projects for contemporary theatre will serve as a means to explore the possibilities of relating and fostering stage creation with forms of production in collaborative workshops. We aim to work with the narrativity of technological tools and discover their potential for autonomy in representation and capacity for generating a stable development community.

HelloWorld! works in the field of stage creation, as a context for free expression and its dissemination. We will stand behind the proposals developed based on the premise of open, collaborative work, which aim to build tools that enable participation, intervention, collaboration and coordination with other disciplines, in the stage proposals.Special consideration will be given to those stage proposals that reflect the fundamental concepts of theatre, giving them a new dimension, even subverting them. Therefore, we will support the construction of tools that improve or give autonomy to various areas of stage works, such as actors, lighting, projection, etc. In addition, we will attempt to develop new stage forms, with special emphasis on public space, the participation and interaction of the audience, the exhibition space, no matter what it is, and the “playful virtuality” of the language of video games.

HelloWorld! thus aims to foster in its own way this production form, within this creative, collaborative, open and participatory context, and its implementation in networks for work and dissemination of stage arts. To this end, it will begin to develop series of theatre performances, inviting participating artists and developers to carry out the work of dissemination and reflection on theatre, and showing their work and the pieces and tools created in the production workshops.


Workshop orientation

The projects selected for subsequent development will be those which join new technologies and stage work, based on contemporary performance, movement arts, the narrative, the visual, etc. The workshop will consider the use of artificial vision techniques, augmented reality, immersive spaces, electronics, robotics, video games, etc. We are also planning to work with stage arts creators, performers, choreographers, and visual and object theatre, as well as reflecting on the space of the stage, public space, and the narrative forms that arise from the interaction of those spaces.

This is a work of mediation; that is, it aims to foster dialogue among playwrights, actors, performers, choreographers, engineers, specialists in hardware or software, etc. To do so, the workshop will be structured in accordance to the collaborative work form carried out by Medialab-Prado in its production workshops.

We will be looking to collaborate with stage spaces and other similar platforms for the distribution of the resulting pieces, as series or separately, depending on the their features.


You can find the call guidelines in the Spanish version of this website (top right corner). Please note that since this call is mainly aimed at the local community, Medialab-Prado will not cover lodging and travel expenses for participants living outside Madrid.

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