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- Call deadline: February 4, 2011
- Publication of selected projects: February 11, 2011
- Call for collaborators: February 14 – March 4, 2011
- First production workshop: March 4, 5, and 6, 2011
- Second production workshop: March 25, 26, and 27, 2011
- Project showcase starts on April 8, 2011


About Jugando con Números

Jugando con Números is a creative laboratory and interdisciplinary investigation of the connections between mathematics, juggling and programming. It materializes as a series of creative, theoretical and practical workshops and seminars including a production workshop aimed at the development of new creative or artistic works.

Prior to the production workshops, there will be three seminars with invited lecturers each focused on one of the themes of the workshop. These seminars will provide a foundation and starting point to begin discussing and discovering connections between the fields. All the seminars will be open to the public and free of charge and although attendance is not obligatory, we think the discussions will proved a context for proposals and potentially offer new directions or inspirations for potential projects.

For more information on the workshop structure:

For more information on relationships between mathematics, programming and juggling:


Workshop orientation

The projects selected for development can range from performances, installations, video-art, tools, software, games or any other artistic approach the themes might inspire. The workshop aims to promote a dialog amongst artists, programmers, mathematicians, jugglers, performers, engineers, hackers etc. and to this end, it will follow the collaborative model of Medialab-Prado with the HelloWorld! workshop as a clear point of reference.  


About the Open Call

The objective of this call is the selection of a maximum of eight proposals for their collaborative production in the workshops that will take place in March 2011 at Medialab-Prado and Matadero Madrid. Following the selection of projects, a call for collaborators will be published.

The proposals can be presented individually or as a collective and each participant may submit as many proposals as he or she wishes.

The projects will be developed with the conceptual and technical direction of the professors (Chris Sugrue and Daniel Sánchez) in working groups that integrate interested collaborators. Call for collaborators: February 14 – March 4, 2011.

This call is open to anyone interested in or inspired by the central themes of the workshop. It is directed primarily towards Madrid locals although all are welcome to apply, Jugando con Números, however, cannot support any costs of travel.


Selection of projects

A maximum of 8 projects will be selected. The selection will place value on the following:

- Originality and creativity of concept

- Connection to the themes of the workshop

- Viability of the project

- Clarity of the proposal

- Openness to collaboration


Participation in the workshop

There are two possible ways to participate in the production workshop:

- as a project author of a selected project

- as a collaborator in one of the selected projects

The projects will be developed in interdisciplinary groups composed of the project authors and interested collaborators with the technical and conceptual advice and direction of the professors. For this reason all proposals must be open to the participation of collaborators and although collectives may submit proposals together, the projects cannot be closed to additional members.

Jugando con números will do its best to support the technical requirements of the projects, but will not guarantee specific equipment or materials. Project authors are expected to take responsibility for any equipment or materials the workshop is not able to provide or support.


Obligations of selected projects:

- project authors agree to attend the working sessions in March 2011

- project authors agree to complete and document the work to the best of their abilities

- projects may make use of the equipment supplied by Jugando con Números as agreed upon prior to the workshop. Any additional expenses will be the responsibility of the authors.

- the developed work will be the sole property of the project authors however in the event that the work is shown in festivals or exhibitions and in publications in catalogs or on the web,  the authors agree to credit the relationship to the Jugando con Números workshop, Medialab-Prado, Matadero Madrid and to always include the names of project collaborators.

- Jugando con Números and Medialab-Prado will retain the rights to publish the projects and documentation of their development on their web pages and related web platforms.


Participation in the call assumes the agreement to the conditions above.


This project is supported by the Grants for Contemporary Creation of Matadero Madrid 2010 and Medialab-Prado.


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