En Red – 10th Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music Symposium

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En Red – 10th Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music Symposium: "On the voice in experimental poetry, film and music"

Call open until 23 September 2018

The main objective of En Red 10th Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music Symposium is to reactivate the significance of investigation in the field of contemporary art practices, focusing on the artworks that use sound experimentally. One of its secondary endeavours is to gather a community interested in the experimentation with sound. As a way to achieve this goal we resume "En Red 0", a symposium coordinated by AMEE (Spanish Association for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art) that took place from 1994 to 2003 in the city of Barcelona whose principal focus was the technical procedures for the creation of electroacoustic music.

"En Red" 10th Symposium will address the different uses and conceptions of the voice in Poetry, Film and Music from an experimental perspective. It suggests questions such as: what is the link between sound and meaning? What relationship can be established between the phonetic component of voice and the semantic dimension of language? Who is responsible for all these relationships? What others normativities are derived from a primarily phonetic use of voice? And, more specifically: How do recitation and poetic text conjugate? What kinds of adjustments or disarrangements occur between the voice and the cinematographic image? What tensions arise between vocality and musical lyrics' meaning? What do these uses of the voice imply for the purposes of rhythm? Can such questions be asked with regard to the voice in a non-human dimension or in a digital media? Some of these problems will be the subject of the symposium and can be addressed from the following research fields: Musicology, Art Theory, Literary Studies, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology, or Sociology.

Call for papers

The symposium will be held in the auditorium of Medialab-Prado from 13 to 15 November 2018. This will be part of the 25th International Festival of Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music "Punto de Encuentro".

All the speeches (which may include listening to musical works, poetry recitals and audio-visual projections) are to be 15 minutes and may be followed by a discussion with the audience.

Interested participants are to submit a 700-words abstract (in Spanish or English) and a short CV. Abstracts may be use as supporting material.

Applications can be sent to convocatorias.amee@gmail.com with the subject SIMPOSIO EN RED 2018.

Deadline for submission of applications: 23 September 2018.

The selection of the proposals will be made by a commission appointed by the AMEE together with an external agent who is an expert in the subjects of the Symposium. The evaluation criteria will be the quality of the proposal and its aesthetic and conceptual rigour.

Date for the announcement of selected proposals: 26 September 2018.

Download the rules of the call.

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