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> City and commons
> Memoria y procomún
> #bookcamping
> Kune - redes sociales y colaboración libre para grupos
> Cuerpo Común
> Building Networks around Lawrence Lessig's book «The Code Version 2.0»
> Madrid
> Move Commons

General meetings of the groups during 2013:  February 14 ; March 15 ; May 28; May 29; June 19 and July 29.  


City and Commons 

City and Commons is the new group of the Commons Lab 2012 coordinated by Juan Freire. It is an open group that aims to involve many individuals and groups that actively work around topics such as public space and citizen participation and who want to create a meeting point to develop projects and think about the convergence between city, technology and governance. [+info] is a transmedia, collaborative, copyleft and non profit project on 15M, the citizen movement born on May 15, 2011 in Spain. The project aims to edit a book, produce a documentary and develop a webpage (besides the informative website that will be used for the project), in order to deepen our knowledge on the emergence of the movement that, thanks to social networking, has seen the light in our society here and now. [+info]

Proposed and coordinated by Pablo SotoStéphane M. Grueso y Patricia Horrillo


Memory and Commons

A workgroup and a workshop directed by Juan Gutiérrez about the collective creation of shared memory, the subjectivity of memories and their relation with History. Specifically, concepts such as "paz de vida", violence and negative peace will be addressed. [+info]


#bookcamping proposes a reflection to generate a critical discourse around free culture and publishin binomy. A work group about A reflection about literature, free culture and publishing (dis)organization. [+info]

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Kune - redes sociales y colaboración libre para grupos

A work group to work and boost the platform  Kune, a webtool to encourage group collaboration, content sharing and free culture. Proposed and coordinated by Comunes. [+info]

Common Body

Proposed and coordinated by Jaime del Val.

Common Body proposes a critique on new types power contained in postmodernism, which operate by giving shape to the body´s desires and feelings. The project proposes a study of new technologies of control operating through non-verbal emotional intensities (sounds, choreographies, images) within the frame of audiovisual culture. [+info]

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Building Networks around Lawrence Lessig's book «The Code Version 2.0»

Proposed and coordinated by Javier de la Cueva.

Work group within the framework of the Commons Lab that will periodically meet up during the next year in order to analyze The Code Version 2.0 book and make conceptual and empirical connections in this Lessig's book.[+info]



Proposed and coordinated by - Alejandro Martín and Gabriel Lucas

An open telecommunications network, free and neutral, that is structured through an interconnection agreement in which when connecting, the network expands connecting each participant with the rest. 

This season meetings will take place during Fridays Openlab every 2 weeks twice a month.

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Move Commons

Move Commons (MC) is a simple tool for initiatives, collectives, NGOs, non-profits and social movements to declare the core principles they are committed to. MC follows the same mechanics as Creative Commons tags cultural works, providing a standard, user-friendly, bottom-up, self-labelling system for each initiative, with 4 meaningful icons, and some keywords. This presentation will present the current labelling system, explain how to adopt it and what benefits it could bring. [+info]

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