This lab aims to experiment in the areas of creative programming, creative hardware and digital design and manufacturing with free and open-source tools, exploring their interconnectivity with areas like biology, cooking and textiles.

PrototipaLab is based on the Interactivos? programme launched in 2006 as an annual programme of international collaborative prototyping workshops. These have focused on a range of topics, through creative experimentation with free hardware and software tools: creative programming, graphic experimentation, interaction design, digital narratives, etc.

Since 2013 PrototipaLab has also featured a Digital Manufacturing Lab, or FabLab, a forum and framework for experimentation with various machines, processes and tools for digital and distributed design and manufacturing.

Other programmes have also been launched, such as Funcionamientos, which gives thought to the design of objects, environments and tools from the perspective of functional diversity, open design and open standards, and Grigri Pixel, the second edition of which was held this year, a programme of residencies, meetings and workshops that focuses on manufacturing magical objects for urban spaces using collaborative practices and digital manufacturing strategies from the African continent.