Collaborators call. Collective Intelligence for democracy 2018.

[Open call for substitutes] Call for collaborators. Collective Intelligence for Democracy 2018

You can still send your proposal. In case there is a vacancy you can still have the opportunity to be selected.

How do you imagine the democracy of the future? From ParticipaLab we believe that it will be a radical democracy, in which citizens will formulate public policies and can make decisions directly. Technology will be at the service of the people, facilitating inclusion and collaboration. The systems of participation will make emerge a collective intelligence capable of solving social problems in a more effective way. Decisions will better integrate complexity and diversity. Society will be more resilient and therefore much more difficult to manipulate.

In short, we believe that it is possible to aspire to a full democracy. We've just already selected those projects that from our perspective, suit the most with the objectives of the call. Call for Collaborators is open from now until September, 15th.

We appeal in this call to hackers, social mediators, data scientists, sociologists or philosophers, experts in User Experience (UX) and digital networks, designers and/or experts in communication. Activists, participation officials, managers and designers of democratic processes, academics and thinkers, etc.

Projects will be developed for 13 days, from November the 5th until the 17th in Medialab Prado. You can find further information here

Each collaborator will candidate to the project he/she is interested in, explaining his/her motivations, skills and technical knowledge that better will help to develop the project. Please use the form clicking on "send my proposal".

We will select 5 collaborators for each project, so they can help to make up a full teamwork to develop and design based on the initial idea of the project, so they can also cover up the needs for the desired prototype. All the teams will have the technical assistance of the technical mentoring.


    Those who are interested in participating in the Collective Intelligence for Democracy workshop must fulfilled the questionnaire available above in "Send my proposal" until September the 15th at 23:59 GMT+1.

    How does the workshop works

    • September the 25th selected collaborators will be notified.
    • November the 05th workshop will start with the public presentation of projects and speeches.
    • November from 05th to 17th projects will be developed to get the final prototype.

    During the workshop ideas will be tested and protoypes will be developed with multidisciplinar groups coordinated by the project coordinator. Groups will have the support and advice of mentors Richard Barttlet y Claudina Sarahe, and the materials needed to develop the project and that must be defined in the proposal.

    During the workshop we will work with open software, projects will be based in open standards  and all the information and outcomes will be open and free accesible under licences that promotes re-apropiation, re-using and free distribution. You can find further information in section about intelectual propierty and autorship. As it appears in the call bases, collaborators of the projects will appear in the credits. Medialab Prado will issue a certificate for those who ask for it.

    Workshop will be run in Spanish and English without translation.

    At the end of the workshop, final prototypes will be exhibited during two months at Medialab Prado.

    Committee and selection criteria for collaborators

    Evaluation and selection of collaborators will be done by a Committee formed by mentors and the team of ParticipaLab. The selection will take the needs of the project as a base. The committee will value which are the best profiles for the projects.

    We encorage to define your preferences.


    Upon request and for those participants that live outside Madrid, Medialab-Prado will provide accommodation at the Hotel Mediodía for both collaborators and project coordinators during the workshop. The selected collaborators will have accommodation and meals (breakfast and lunch) covered during the days of the workshop, with the exception of Sunday, November 11th.

    In this case, travel coverage grant is not provided.

    Commitments for collaborators

    Collaborators for the Collective Intelligence for Democracy workshop must agree and act conform this points:

    • People or teams selected will commit to attend everyday of the workshop from 10:00 to 18:00.
    • They commit themselves to the finalization and a suitable documentation of the projects.
    • The projects received must accept and encourage the participation of interested persons. A closed structure and tightly defined tasks will not be accepted, if this determines that the criterion of promoting collective intelligence for the orientation and development of the project is not met.
    • Participants must keep their code in a repository of public access and have the documentation under a free license repository,  that allows the reuse of the same. During the workshop support for the documentation process will be provide.
    • In the credits of the project, the participation of each member of the team and its development in the framework of the workshop will be detailed.
    • The organization encourages and supports the use of free programs for the development of projects.

    Autorship and intelectual propierty

    participants in the call must license the works produced during the workshop with a license that allows Medialab-Prado its publication in any physical or digital format with the maximum territorial and temporal scope indicated in the law, allowing its transformation for better dissemination or distribution of works. Once the works have been selected and within the course of the activity, the author is obliged to allow any other participants of the summoned activity to take their work as a basis to carry out other derivative works.

    [Open call for substitutes] 

    Type of call
    Reception of proposals
    15 de septiembre de 2018
    A maximum number of
    50 proposals