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Interactivos?'19 - Open call for projects

During the Interactivos'19 workshop from February 14th to March 2nd, 2018, a maximum of 8 selected proposals will be developed simultaneously among those that respond to this open call. The proposals presented must necessarily be open to the participation of interested collaborators who can contribute to its development during the workshop.

We are looking around the world for people and communities that are rehearsing or want to redesign new ways of seeing and approaching, in a creative and radical way, the change in the food models that can serve to reduce the probabilities of environmental collapse that are announced from the scientific community . We invite all people, be they hackers, teachers, artists, agroecology experts or agribusiness professionals, designers, producers, ecologists, programmers, data analysts, amateurs, citizen scientists, technology fans, activists, engineers, lovers of DIY and DIWO, etc. Whether or not you have these profiles, you are invited to participate.

Steps to register your proposal:

Important dates:

  • Proposals can be submitted until January 9th, 2019 at 23: 59h (GMT + 1).
  • If your project has been selected, we will confirm you by phone or mail between January 11th and 15th of 2019.
  • Next, the selected projects will be published. Open call for collaborators will be open from November, and it will still be open after the publication of selected projects. 
  • The workshop will be from February 14th to March 2nd, 2019, both inclusive.
Type of call
Reception of proposals
Until January 9th, 2019 at 23:59 (GMT+1)
A maximum number of
8 proposals