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Data Journalism Workshop 2018 on SDG: Call for Projects

The Data Journalism Workshop 2018 opens its call for projects until May 7. In its sixth edition, focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals related to the fight against climate change and other environmental issues and its effect in Madrid (city, community, region, area …). If you want to participate with a projects, read the conditions and fill in the form.

Who is it for?

This call is aimed at journalists, programmers, developers, front / back / full, designerxs UX, statisticians, sociologists, anthropologists, data viewers and, in general, anyone who wants work with data related to the Sustainable Development Goals that try to mitigate the change climate.

Among the novelties of this call we highlight that the transport and accommodation will be provided for the promoter of a maximum of three projects out of Madrid.

The deadline for submitting projects is Monday, May 7 at 11:59 PM UTC + 1.

The registration is free.


Projects must meet these conditions:

  • Collection and analysis of data to create a story or journalistic
  • tool. Sources of reliable data and located before the workshop.
  • Theme related to the narrative of the workshop.

Doubts? Do you have any doubt?

Follow this model If you do not know how to send an idea, a proposal to work on. If it is about anything else, write to visualizar @REMOVE medialab-prado.es.

The results and the source code must have free licenses that allow access and dissemination of knowledge produced during the workshop.

Call for collaborators Do you want to join the workshop simply to

work on one of the projects? On March 26, the call for collaborators will open on the Medialab-Prado website.

Project presentation

This year you have to fill in the form that appears below with all your data. However, you we suggest that you publish the project and tell it on the day of the open data:

Previous publication of the project

Publish your project on a website, such as Github, Gitlab, bitbucket or any other website project management that allows more users can join now and in this way begin to work even without knowing if you are going to be selected.

We use Github to manage the projects and the teams and we want to promote their use and networking and collaborative work. Also, in this way you may get other people to contribute suggestions that make your proposal better.

Open data day

If you have data, either many and few, or you have located them but you have not accessed them, or you think you can get out of such a site but you do not know how, we suggest you present the project up to date of the open data held in Madrid and other places in Spain and the world on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 of March.

In this way, we give opportunity to enrich the data sources of the project before its deadline of presentation on May 7.

Summary of dates:

  • February 8, announcement of the workshop and publication of the call for projects
  • February 13-14, first session: software for data journalism during ILOVEFS18.
  • March 2-3, second session, search for data during OpenDataDay 2018,
  • March 13, first deadline for submission of proposals.
  • March 26, announcement of selected projects of the first deadline and publication of call for collaborators.
  • April 19-22, third sesión: Data Journalism Conference. Agenda (work in progress):
    • Thursday 19, morning, data and movility.
    • Thursday 19, afternoon, talks and workshops.
    • Friday 20, morning, symposium about the AirBNB effect in Madrid.
    • Friday 20, afternoon - Sunday 21, morning, hands on workshop about turistification, lead by Montera34.
    • Saturday 21, morning, round of projects.
    • More activities to come
  • May 7, last deadline for the presentation of projects
  • May 14, announcement of selected projects in the second round
  • June 8-10, fourth session: presentation of projects and collaborators, team building, start working together in the proposals selected, work and fun.
  • June 22-24, fifth and last session, final presentation of projects.
Type of call
Reception of proposals
Deadline May 7th 2018 23:59 UTC+1
A maximum number of
10 proposals