Collective Intelligence for Democracy 2018

Over a period of thirteen days, multidisciplinary teams taking part in the Collective Intelligence for Democracy workshop will create prototypes to activate collective intelligence and improve democracy and civic engagement.

This is the call for projects for the international workshop Collective Intelligence for Democracy 2018, from November 5th to November 17th. Come with us to have almost two weeks of collaborative work and multidisciplinary teams around projects related to the commons oriented democracy, citizen participation and the tools and methodologies that facilitate these processes.

Introductory Text

How do you imagine the democracy of the future? From ParticipaLab we believe that it will be a radical democracy, in which citizens will formulate public policies and can make decisions directly. Technology will be at the service of the people, facilitating inclusion and collaboration. The systems of participation will make emerge a collective intelligence capable of solving social problems in a more effective way. Decisions will better integrate complexity and diversity. Society will be more resilient and therefore much more difficult to manipulate. In short, we believe that it is possible to aspire to a full democracy.

The technologies of democracy are being replicated in different cities of the planet, what confirms that there is a general aspiration to experiment with new forms of participation that bring us closer to this goal. And we are not thinking only about digital platforms, we conceive as democratic technologies any process, dynamic or design that involves human interactions without distinction of its nature, whether digital or face-to-face. That is why we appeal in this call to hackers, but also to social mediators, data scientists, but also to sociologists or philosophers, experts in User Experience (UX) and digital networks, but also to designers or experts in communication. Activists, participation officials, managers and designers of democratic processes, academics and thinkers, all are welcome to rethink this new operating system of distributed governance. 

All expenses will be paid for the projects selected for one person for a period of two weeks in Madrid (travels, hotel and meals). Up to 6 collaborators shall be selected for each project, to help creating a work team to assist with the thought process and design of the desired prototype based on the original project idea, and to cover all the needs required in order to develop the desired prototype. In addition, the entire team shall have access to technical professional programming and design support during this time, and also to the advice of the workshop mentors.

Collaborators will have all expenses (accommodation, meals) covered in Madrid. Trips are not included.

Type of call
Reception of proposals
Until 18th July, 2018
A maximum number of
6 proposals

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