What new democratic challenges do you want to adress?

Call for Participatory Democracy Challenges

What is the biggest challenge facing democracy in your city - especially, related to public participation and public trust? Is there a problem you want to solve, or an opportunity you want to realize, that you don’t have the time and resources to work on? If so, would you like to have an international team of democracy innovators work together intensively for ten days to develop a solution, with support from democracy experts from around the world?

Once a year, the Collective intelligence Lab for Democracy convenes teams of democratic innovators from around the world on Collective Intelligence for Democracy call, to develop creative, practical solutions to the problems and opportunities of municipal democracy. This year, we are reaching out to city government people like you, to identify the most important challenges facing democracy in your cities. Once we collect these challenges, we will include them in our call for proposals, and we will reach out to democracy experts around the world who could help develop solutions that work for your city.

Type of call
Reception of proposals
2018, June 5th
A maximum number of
30 proposals