Workshop: Designing and developing websites using free software

Desde 13/04/2013 11:04 hasta 13/04/2013 12:04

"This workshop is about how to plan, design and develop a complete website using "software libre".

It is possible to bring a nice and useful website using entirely free software. I will talk about planning, wireframes, graphic design, coding (html, css, ...) and developing (php, python, using a open CMS like Joomla!, Get Simple, etc.).

All the proccess could be done under GNU/Linux using free sofware like Inkscape, Gimp, Bluefish, Firefox, Pencil, Planner,... and free utils like Extensions, Tipography, Frameworks, CMS, etc. The thing is that I can demonstrate is how to combine Libre Graphics and Software Libre tools together to allow making complex project as a website. ;)"

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