Workshop 4. Bodies with History

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foto cuerpos con historia

Image: 19th Century English migrants at the Star of India boat. Ship Museum of San Diego. By Francisco Cruces.


"Welcome to our home, MadridVille! Come and access the location to view the parts of the anatomy of a domestic environment through the stories that, with our best efforts, we have gathered and shared. Funny ones please! On top of the funny ones, we also want to find familiar stories, about routine, dramatic, lascivious, horrific, incredible, exciting, sentimental and ironic stories. The same way we sweep, eat and sleep, when we tell these stories, we are also adding more portions to the house." By Franciso Cruces

Proyecto Prácticas culturales emergentes en el Nuevo Madrid (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, CSO2009-10780)


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Off Limits - Calle de la Escuadra, 11 28012 Madrid
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The activity is over
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