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Desde las 10:00 hasta 20:00 el 25/09/2021
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Infinite worlds are displayed in front of our senses when we put on some virtual reality glasses. At that very moment, the concepts of time and space take on a new dimension, altering our perception of reality and our own corporeality to embrace digitality. In this new state, we will learn many ways of interacting with the environment, turning us into active players in a creative process of constant experimentation.

At this new LEV Matadero we ask ourselves these questions. How we interact in and with virtual environments? Which strategies allow us to inhabit digital worlds? Which creative possibilities only achievable in these environments are revealed to us by technology?

Using a flexible format of meeting and dialogue, this collaboration with Medialab aims to develop a community around extended reality, through the project Planet LEV Matadero, an artistic and immersive experience created by Children of Cyberspace and produced by Matadero Madrid and LEV. For that purpose, we invite those who study or work in the field of virtual environments, who are curious about these tools, or who are creative in digital contexts, to learn about the projects of a series of Spanish and international artists and collectives. We particularly encourage applications from people diverse in gender, culture, disability or race.

Do you want to take part in this activity and discover the works by Spanish and international collectives? Do you want to learn about the most common and newest tools to interact with virtual environments? Do you want to spend a day with other people interested in these topics, and share ideas and experiences with them? Then be sure to sign up for this activity. Limited places available!


10:00h - Introductions and presentation from Eduardo Moriana (spanish).

10:45h - Presentation/demo from  Cuarta Pared VR (spanish).

11:15h - Presentation from Massimiliano Casu about Ciudad Bailar Exagerar (spanish).

12:00h - Presentation from Eva Iszoro about Accidental Cutting (spanish).

13:00h - Presentation/demo from Lauren Moffatt (english).

Lunch break

14:30h - Presentation/demo from Chordata Motion (spanish).

15:30h - Presentation/demo from D-Fuse (english)

17;00h - Presentation/demo from Creative Harmonies (english).

18:00h - 20.00h - Networking and closing.


The activity is over.

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Espacio Taller, Centro Cultural Matadero.
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10:00 - 20:00
The activity is over
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Debate/mesa redonda
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