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Medialab-Prado Digital facade from Plaza de las Letras


During 2013 and within the conceptual framework of City Network, Medialab-Prado has produced he projects y bajo la propuesta  Trans Europe Slow by Sergio Galán and The Puppet Master by Joan Mora and Chema Blanco.

September 6 and 7, a Joint broadcasting event with other partners of the Connecting Cities Network, Medialab-Prado digital facade shows a selection of projects.



06.09.2013 / 21:00h to 23:00h

Projects Showcase:

  • Trans Europe Slow by Sergio Galán is an interactive installation that explores the outskirts of the european cities from the perspective of the urban cyclist. Through an innovative approach through the use of urban screens, TES combines the ludic aspect of video games and the physical interaction along with a methodology of participative design that transforms the installation into a platform to explore what's beyond the blurry image of city branding.
  • Robin Hood. An animation on Medialab's digital facade by a cooperative that fuses economy, art and activism towards new forms of economy and organisation. Robin Hood is an investment bank of the precariat that manages small assets in order to experiment with, understand and challenge the nature of the financial market.
  • Sonic Skate Plaza by Pablo Serret de Ena offers an intervention in public space where the Plaza de las Letras becomes a scenario for a "skated orchestra". Through different sensors placed in the surface of the square and its urban furniture, we turn these elements into a scenario, an interface that will activate sound compositions from the activity of the skaters that usually use the space as a park. From their interaction, routes and abilities (tricks) a multiple and variable compositions could be generated, giving as a result sound pieces created from the skate used as an instrument.

This project has been developed at Solid interfaces and Public: Digital Games in Public Space workshop (July 2013) in collaboration with Daniel Fernández, José Manuel González, Fernando Serrano and Reza Safavi.

07.09.2013 / 21:00h to 22:30h

Projects Showcase:

  • Binoculars to...from by Canet & Guljajeva. Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva combine two urban viewing cultures: those of tourism and surveillance. For the project, the artists have created a custom-made "tourist binocular" which opens a view to another city, where the viewer’s gaze will be simultaneously projected.
  • The Puppet Master by Joan Mora and Chema Blanco is an artistic digital interactive installation for public collective spaces that explores novel communication dynamics in public spaces by using these digital enormous devices. It enables a user, called the Master and located in a private hidden space, to communicate with citizens (Puppets) in public spaces. Puppet Master installation enhances this approach by the use of pervasive ubiquitous technologies such as smartphones or tablets to allow the Masters to controls the big audiovisual devices wirelessly. Therefore the Puppet Master can be seen as an interface to promote collaboration and collective fun by establishing a digital audiovisual dialog between Puppets and Masters. 


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Fachada digital de Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid
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