Meeting of Move Commons Workgroup - October 2012

Desde 25/10/2012 06:10 hasta 25/10/2012 12:10
Move Commons septiembre 2012

The idea of Move Commons is to push social organizations towards the Commons paradigm, while allowing: 1) others to understand your initiative's approach, 2) connecting with other similar collectives, 3) volunteers finding the initiative easier.

Work group

The workgroup of Move Commons aims to have a monthly meeting to debate and shape the evolution of the tool. The community behind the project is open, and makes this call to any type of collaborators out there that would like to contribute with feedback, suggestions and collaborations of any kind. The aim is that this project matches the needs of the worlds of activism and cooperation the best way possible.

The activity is over.

Medialab Prado en Intermediae Matadero Madrid (Paseo de la Chopera, 14 Madrid)
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The activity is over
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