Interactivos?'06 workshop

Desde 18/04/2006 12:04 hasta 30/04/2006 12:04

Interactivos? proposes a transformation of the exhibition venue into a space for production, meeting, and debate. The workshop focuses on hacking - hacking via open hardware, open software and programming - in order to create new forms and modes of expression. The programme invites a distinguished group of developers to work side by side with participants on advanced projects. What ties this invited group together are their involvements in open (hardware / software) projects which facilitate the creative process and their commitment to education and the advancement of work in the field.

At the centre of this endeavour is an investigation of the meaning of interactivity, on a conceptual, technological, and social level. It is aimed at artists, engineers, musicians, coders, designers and architects who want to develop digital and sound art projects, critical design prototypes or educational applications , in interdisciplinary working groups. Once the projects have been selected, a second call is published asking for new participants to join the working groups on the previously selected projects.

Leading tutors: David Cuartielles, Zachary Lieberman, and Hans- Christoph Steiner

Conde Duque

Sessions of the activity

The activity is over
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