Form Follows Data: the Aesthetics of Visualization

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Information Aesthetics


"As data visualization is becoming increasingly perceived as a powerful communication medium in its own right, its role in society is shifting from an expert toolset to a data-driven interface that can engage as much as inform large, lay audiences. Therefore, the talk will discuss the potential of aesthetics to influence the attitude or behavior of people through forms of data-driven storytelling. The talk will thus demonstrate the richness of "social visualization", or the combination of data visualization with socially relevant phenomena, ranging from revealing insights with social relevance, to visualizations that are created in a context of open participation and collaboration. In this context, our current research endeavors will be shown that aim to bring visualization outside of the computer screen, and into our tangible and physical everyday life." Por Andrew Vande Moere


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Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI) · Campus EOI Madrid. Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 6. 28040 Madrid
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