Educate in positive

Desde las 17:00 hasta 19:30 el 19/06/2019
Educate in positive

Talk-Introduction in Positive Discipline. Aimed at families and educators who want to build a positive relationship based on mutual respect with our daughters. We will talk about how we understand education, our expectations, the challenges that day to day presents, what is working and what is not and what alternatives we have to educate from connection, trust, affection and mutual respect.

What are we going to talk about?:
     1. Welcome and presentation.
     2. Why educate in another way?
     3. Mutual respect.
     4. The belief behind the behavior.
     5. Brain functioning.
     6. Connection before correction.
     7. Prizes and punishments vs consequences.
     8. Empower vs rescue.
     9. Focus on solutions.
     10. Put yourself first.
     11. Parking of questions.
     12. Farewell.

The activity is over.

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Madrid Cría. Grupo de trabajo de Medialab -Prado.
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17:00 - 19:30
The activity is over
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# educación
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