Creative musical processes in real time?

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The use of applications that process signals in real time has been a determining factor in the acceleration and proliferation of creative processes using computer technology, including electronic art production. It is not clear, however, that this effect has always had a positive influence on the quality of those productions. That is why it seems most appropriate to use it only in those fields where it is truly essential, such as in interactive art or in live performances, which often require high-speed data acquisition and generation.

But in spite of how apt computer applications in real time may be in different fields, the term seems to lend itself to highly memetic activity. The notion of “real time” has gone far beyond the domain where it was initially conceived, which was quite possibly software engineering used in military research. However, for some years now, people have been talking about art and composition in real time. This extrapolation may be a sign of the transcendent human collective imagination.

Is there any point in talking about perception or thought in real time?

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