Collective Discussion Workshop on Cultural Policies in Madrid

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The model for this encounter is inspired on a common type of event in the programming field, called Hackathon, where a number of people with shared interests get together in a specific date to solve a problem/challenge in a collective manner. The goal of the three organizing institutions is to offer a space and foster the creation of different workshops on specific topics of general interest in order to gather the points of view of individuals and collectives based on a common methodology.  

The debate will begin with a round table with panelists Fernando BroncanoFrancisco Cruces and Remedios Zafra (with live streaming) where the notion of culture from different perspectives will be tackled. This will encourage further discussion on specific cultural policies. 

Throughout the journey different groups will debate about the suggested themes in independent tables. At the end of the day, an idea sharing session will take place including all participants. 

Check out the proposals sent so far 



10:00h: Welcome coffee 

10:30h: What We Talk About When We Talk About Culture. Debate table with Fernando BroncanoFrancisco Cruces and Remedios Zafra [+info ]

12:30h: Break

13:00h: Short presentation of proposed nodes and table setting up

14:30h: Lunch (optional registration)

16:00h: Workshops 

18:00h: Wording of the conclusions of each table

19:00h: Sharing conclusions

20:00h: End



Themes can be proposed by an individual or a group of people. 

Any person can join any of the tables. 

The person who proposes a them will be in charge of presenting it and moderating the table.  

We propose that two people act as 'chroniclers' and write down the conclusions in the last part of the workshop.  

We also propose that, if possible, the audio of the session gets recorded. 

As a guide for the discussion and further wording of conclusions, we propose the following general schedule: What problem or topic is the table debating about and why? What can/should a local administration do/contribute with according to the topic? Which other specific proposals can give an answer to this problem or need?


How to submit a theme for a discussion table

Send out a title and a short argumentation before October 17 to talleres(at) 


Registration for lunch

Olivia te cuida offers three options for a special sandwich with farmer bread or rye bread:

a) Muhammara, ruccula and pork sirloin with gremolata or bressaola
b) Hummus, loyo rosso, rosted vegetables and candied tomato
c) Spinach, roasted eggplant, dried tomatos and turkey 

+ Water or fresh lemonade + a piece of fruit of the season = 6,00€ 

If you want to join the collective lunch please submit the following form and write your choice (ab o c) in the "Comment" field. 


The activity is over.

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The activity is over
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