23º ESNOG Meeting (Spanish Network Operator Group)

Desde 16/05/2019 09:00 hasta 17/05/2019 13:00
Internet connectivity map of Spain

23rd edition of ESNOG (Group of network operators in Spain)

ESNOG is an open forum for the exchange of technical information, experiences and engineering knowledge related to Internet infrastructure services.

The purposes of ESNOG include:

  • Provide the means of communication within the Spanish state to promote education and the exchange of knowledge within the technical community and Internet operations.
  • Provide channels for group members to ask questions and discuss issues related to the Internet and public data networks.
  • Promote good Internet practices among the members of the group and also before other public or private entities, both national and international.

ESNOG carries out activities through an email list (gore [at] esnog.net) and regular meetings (bi-annual). Both are open to anyone interested in exchanging information and collaborating in the development of the Internet operation.


  • How does the IETF work ? - Carlos Jesús Bernardos Cano - UC3M
  • Cuquimodernas network monitoring tools - Borja Marcos - Sarenet
  • Monitoring in Tuenti What and How? - Fernando Garcia - Telefonica Digital / Tuenti
  • SRv6 Network Programming - Pablo Camarillo - Cisco
  • 12 steps to deploy IPv6 in companies - Jordi Palet - The IPv6 company
  • RIS Streaming - Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina
  • Cybercrisis exercise with Catalan universities - Maria Isabel Gandía CSUC
  • Software routing: a reality? - Fernando García - Telefonica Digital of Spain
  • LoRaWan - Introduction to LoRaWAN and The Things Network. Nodes / gateways configuration practical workshop - Juan Felix Mateos     
  • Network performance tests - Ana M. Medina Barahona - Rediris / Red.es
  • Route Filtering at the Edge of AS15169 - Arturo Servín - Google
  • News in Espanix - Javier Achirica - ESpanix
  • Streaming telemetry - Sonia Fernández Tejeria - Telefonica I + D

    Registration and more information through the ESNOG website .

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The activity is over
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