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Desde 09/02/2024 17:00 hasta 10/02/2024 21:30
Medialab Matadero will open its doors in February 2024 to share the results of the work of the projects selected for the Collaborative Prototyping Lab LAB#03, with the participation of its developers. OpenLAB#03 will consist of two intensive critical...

Desde 21/11/2023 16:00 hasta 25/11/2023 21:00

A week to explore the radical possibilities of non-human forms of thought- and critically and creatively work with them, with Ed Keller along with a curated list of guest speakers.


Desde las 19:00 hasta 21:00 el 29/09/2023
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Synthetic Imaginaries is an exhibition cycle that looks at non-human agency across diverse contexts and scales, exploring how it shapes our understanding of intelligence, free will and complex systems.

From 29/09/2023 18:30 until 03/12/2023 20:00
Synthetic Imaginaries exhibition cycle: Microbial Cosmologies Microbial Cosmologies presents three audiovisual works by Finnish artist Jenna Sutela, who engages with biological and computational systems, such as bacteria and artificial neural...

Desde 28/01/2021 17:00 hasta 28/10/2021 20:30
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Una iniciativa para desarrollo de videojuegos y aplicaciones de ocio interactivo mediante experimentación y autoaprendizaje.