Belalcazar Gamboa
Arquitecta | CivicDesigner | #CivicInnovation #commons #collectiveIntelligence #CollaborativeHousing #Civickids #Feminismxs #bottom-up #care
My academic training it’s in architecture and urban design. The intellectual and professional adventure in which I have been for the past 4 years evolves around the participatory processes essentially on the topic of Collaborative Housing. But it also covers topics such as producing community, housing, city and citizenship. This had led me to discover the hacker culture, open source, fablabs networks, tactical urbanism, process design and alternative ways of doing society and business. Path that drove me to form myself in horizontal governance and the social and solidarity economy. I have also taken part in processes and groups working with collective intelligence and peer to peer learning. Activities and meetings that have given me joy, tools and the conviction that is doing mixed diverse and together how all the processes, projects and decisions should be carried out.