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Phd. in Social and Cultural Anthropology with on contracultural expresions. Currently studying fashion design in “Art School 10”, in Madrid.

I focused my professional career on Applied Research and Teaching in the UNED (Universidad Nacional a Distancia- Spanish Open University), interested on social movements, citizenship participation as the development of research participatory methodologies related to local improvements.

Currently I am involved on the study of the emergence of urban cycling as social movement in Spain observing how the collective action influences the shaping of the city, materially and symbolically. In this process, I got involved in national and international networks as “Bicicultures”, “Cycling and society” and collaborate in international publications as “Shift Happens! Critical Mass at 20″ edited by Chris Carlsson, LisaRuth Elliot and Adriana Camarena. (See

I also dynamize a participatory lab," Ciclocostura " a DIY workshop focused on experiment, develop and reproduce prototypes of clothes or accessories for cyclists. Our project is free and open acces.We register and publish our development in our website

Currently i am interested in creative dynamics and collaborative practices in cycling culture and connect this with "slow fashion" initiatives.