Anna Aurora
Sanne Göransson
Engagement strategist, Community organizer, facilitator and co-founder of Digidem Lab.  
Biographical summary
I am currently starting to organize education for young community organizers in my country.
I have a very keen interest in needs to certify democratic processes, having seen the need in the field.
I write poetry with a womens collective focusing on breaking silences based on power.
I speak spanish, having worked in Cali, Colombia.
I speak french because I lived in Ouagadouogu, Burkina Faso for half a year.
I am also working on a study of the Budget Participatif of Paris.

I am a community organizer and co-founder of Digidem Lab. I have extensive experience of working with under-represented groups to empower, build dialogue with local politicians and community organisations. I am specialised in working with youth, using film and digital media for participation and empowerment. I have previously worked for a film studio in Ouagadougou, as a democracy street educator in Cali and as a peace observer in Chiapas.
Curriculum Vitae
Project leader Innovation Foundation Vinnova – responsible for creating methods to ensure equity in partcipatory budget processes 2018 -
Founder and Project Coordinator for Digidem Lab 2016 -
Coordinator for projects on violence in close relations, ABF Göteborg, 2016.
Operations Manager, Method Developer, Tidsnätverket i Bergsjön, 2010 - 2016
Creative expression to build knowledge, capacity and power for political processes with youth who are excluded and marginalized.
Informant in sexual education in easier Swedish, 2015 -
Workshop for newly arrived young people, RFSU.
Project Manager for Conflict Management and  discrimiation Projects, GUTS Meeting Place for Young Girls and Transgender youth in Angered, 2013
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My expectation is to make something real and applicable that can be of use and ”change the game” towards more transparent and people powered processes of change.