The Kitchenette of Future Dust

As the dining and food culture is the reflection of regions, from weather to geographic location, and the life values to the social atmosphere, they all show on the meals you put on dinner plates. Due to the unique historical background, Taiwanese food culture is a massive fusion of different countries, including China, Japan, United State, Vietnam, etc. The cultural diversity of cooking provides various methods that could be inspirations for avoiding the waste of materials. Also, convenience is one of the crucial values in Taiwanese dining culture. In order to persevere ingredients and materials under Taiwanese subtropical climate, dehydration and fermentation are commonly used techniques in the current food processing industry. 

Therefore, the notion of the project ‘The Kitchenette of Future Dust’ is to design and create a powdery food system by applying the dehydrated technique to deform the nutritious kitchen waste, such as shrimp shells and fruit peels, into food powder. As applying methods like 3D printer and the traditional cooking methods, reforming the food powder into food appearance like Asian Konjac jelly, noodles, etc. The powdery form of ingredients is not only readily measure and customize the nutritional needs of individuals, but also easy for storage and transportation. 

By participating in the project, you could apply the imagination to creatively reform the food appearance and arrange the taste of combinations by surprise. The powdery form itself is flexible as a type of creative materials for cooking, inspires individuals from various cultural backgrounds to reevaluate the current methodology of dining and eating, in order to develop an innovative way of eating for the future generation.