Essome Ebone
Since 2016 working in the community and sustainable development i'm a young Cameroonian of 29; i had the opportunity to collaborate with international organizations and NGOs. The knowledge and experiences gained allowed me to be a more rigorous project management. Currently founder of a non-profit organization Madiba & Nature where I coordinate research on innovative processes of plastic waste recycling to ensure the conservation of nature in Africa,
I work with several teams all over the world to perform the ecological canoe (ECOBOAT) that I set up.
Self-taught and passionate of new technologies, I work with a young team of researchers and entrepreneurs to develop and promote the circular economy in Africa because I believe, it’s an effective response to the fight against pollution, sustainable development and jobs creation in vulnerable communities. I'm now award of United Nations #CleanseasChallenge 2017 with THINK BEYOND PLASTIC in ECONOMIC TRACK.
I'm also a Interactivo18 alumine and One Young World Ambassador.