Activities are open and free of charge. You can participate in the different open calls which are issued throughout the year, start or join projects at the online community, or send proposals for new activities or work groups.

Open Calls

Over the course of the year, Medialab Prado launches various open calls for participation in collaborative prototyping workshops under the umbrella of its different lines of work. People can participate in workshops as the submitter of a project -in the event that a proposal submitted to the open call is ultimately selected-, or as a collaborator, i.e. a member of the collaborative development groups that work together to develop the selected proposals. Horizontal work dynamics are created in these spaces, in which those initially responsible for the proposal as well as collaborators contribute knowledge and ideas, while learning from the rest of the group and from guest mentors. Submission of proposals and registration as a collaborator are carried out via the relevant online form.


The Medialab Prado Community (link) is an online collaborative work platform for projects associated with the centre. It provides a number of tools for the purpose of coordinating, tracking and documenting projects in a distributed manner. Users can create and coordinate projects or participate in other users’ projects as collaborators. -> Join the community

Proposals for Activities

Proposals can be submitted for the purpose of carrying out activities or starting work groups. To be eligible for acceptance by Medialab Prado, groups and activities must be directly related to the lines of action currently being pursued in the centre, and must promote the attainment of its aims. They must be public, free and open to everyone. Given the large number of proposals that are received, proposals must be sent at least two months before the date they will begin. -> Create proposal