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This lab promotes activities in which people participate in or develop scientific research processes. Citizen science seeks to help make scientific research more democratic and transversal, ensuring it encompasses a range of perspectives. CiCiLab coordinates the DITOs European project in Spain, leading activities relating to environmental sustainability.


Medialab-Prado, with the support of the H2020 project DITOs organizes the international collaborative prototyping workshop Interactivos? '19: Eating against collapse. The inevitable end of the agro-industrial food model; where 8 selected projects will be developed among the proposals that are sent. The workshop will run from February 14th to March 2nd, 2019, and will mix an international seminar, the prototyping workshop, the public presentation of the prototypes developed and the exhibition of them. To learn more about the topic we are going to discuss, read carefully the article by Luis...
Medialab-Prado, with the support of the H2020 DITOs project, organizes the international workshop Interactivos? '18: Inhabiting RRRRubbish. This workshop will be completed with the public presentation of the projects, an international seminar and a social forum about the environment on May 24th and the official ceremony of the closing of the European Green Week (#EuGreenWeek) on May 25th. INTERNATIONAL PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP May 10th - 23th Waste is a huge challenge for the 21st century as it is a necessary resource. However, in the oceans we have created useless floating islands of plastics and...
This is a line of work that seeks to bring together all those interested in biology and biotechnology to propose projects around these branches and manufacture laboratory instruments where those can be carried out. Biology, biotechnology and ecology from an open knowledge perspective offers powerful tools to improve our environment and innovate, through the precautionary principle, by extending the reductionist limitations with more ecosystemic approaches where all the interrelations between the complex living systems are taking into account.
DITOs project is a pan-european network supported by the European Horizon 2020 program which goal is fostering citizen participation in science through a series of activities around two topics: environmental sustainability and biodesign. Medialab Prado leads the work pacjkage around environmental sustainability. que tiene como objetivo fomentar la participación ciudadana en ciencia a través de una serie de actividades en torno a dos temas: sostenibilidad
Program initiated in 2006. Each year a new international collaborative prototyping workshop is celebrated in which different topics are addressed through creative experimentation with free hardware and software tools: creative programming, graphic experimentation, interaction design, digital narratives, etc.