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Desde 09/02/2024 17:00 hasta 10/02/2024 21:30
Medialab Matadero will open its doors in February 2024 to share the results of the work of the projects selected for the Collaborative Prototyping Lab LAB#03, with the participation of its developers. OpenLAB#03 will consist of two intensive critical...
January & February 2024
We present the eight projects selected through an open call for the LAB#03 Mentes Sintéticas Collaborative Prototyping Lab. Through an intensive two-week workshop (January and February 2024), the proposals will be developed collectively by...
Encuentro comunidad
Desde las 10:00 hasta 14:00 el 16/12/2023
An editathon is an activity in which several people come together to create new content on Wikipedia, with the goal of reducing the gender gap in the free encyclopedia. > Thematic On this occasion, taking advantage of such an important slogan as...
Desde las 18:00 hasta 22:00 el 25/11/2023
Towards a Gestural Ecology of Mind
Encuentro comunidad Seminario
Desde 21/11/2023 20:00 hasta 22/11/2023 23:00
In collaboration with Cineteca Madrid, "Cosmic Brains" brings a film cycle that explores the very ontology of the concept of intelligence through two cinematic works of Sci-fi. The two sessions of the series will be accompanied by conversations with...
Encuentro comunidad
Desde 21/11/2023 16:00 hasta 25/11/2023 21:00
A week to explore the radical possibilities of non-human forms of thought- and critically and creatively work with them, with Ed Keller along with a curated list of guest speakers.
Debate/mesa redonda Presentación/conferencia Seminario Taller de formación
21, 22 & 23rd of November
The Cosmic Brains Round Tables are a three day series of roundtable discussions taking place within the Cosmic Brains workshop. These discussions will feature key speakers in conversation with a group of invited thought leaders, guests and citizens...
Debate/mesa redonda
November 15th and 16th from 18:00 to 21:00
A two day workshop dedicated to worldbuilding through investigative fiction
Debate/mesa redonda Presentación/conferencia Seminario Taller de formación
Desde las 15:00 hasta 20:45 el 14/11/2023
VR Day is a non-profit initiative, held independently in various locations around the world. Each initiative is different (usually talks and demo exhibitions), but all aim to raise awareness and disseminate immersive technologies. AIMED AT: Fans of...
Debate/mesa redonda Encuentro comunidad Taller de formación
October 17th at 19:15
The artist will be screening two of her previous works, Teslaism and Free to Choose, on the 17th of October at 19:15 hrs in the Aulario in Matadero, followed by a conversation with Medialab’s curator Eduardo Castillo-Vinuesa.
From 18:30 until 20:00 on 29/09/2023
Synthetic Imaginaries Exhibition Cycle
Desde las 19:00 hasta 21:00 el 29/09/2023
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Synthetic Imaginaries is an exhibition cycle that looks at non-human agency across diverse contexts and scales, exploring how it shapes our understanding of intelligence, free will and complex systems.